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 When you visit our website, you trust us with your personal information. Your information is valuable to us and  under our Privacy & Safety policy section, we reserve a right to use that information for the right purposes. Please read this section carefully since this will help you understand how we use your information.

Protecting your information is our Priority. We collect data when you log onto our desktop website or mobile website and access it. You are required to login for usage to protect the security of the website. We reserve a right to change our privacy policy at any given time and you will be informed about these updates or changes as we make them. Please do not use this website if you do not agree to the privacy terms and conditions.


 The use of third-party banking to verify payment is subject to the customers' choice. We might collect personal information like your email id, name, address, IP address, card details for reference purposes. 


Zelle payments

Bank Transfers

Cash Payments


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